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Anne Kruit

(lead) vocals


William Swartjes



Paul Bonsma




Remco Stelder



Paul Meijer

bass guitar

Jeroen Kruit




Local Speed Delivery is an enthusiastic, self-willed and experienced poprock band from Deventer, The Netherlands. The band has performed at many venues and at various small festivals.


The mainspring of the band is to unfold creativity, both in lyrics and melody. This means that the band members strive to create a unique sound to inspire their audience. Within the band, the pleasure in working together, being creative and making music always prevails. The combination of fun and serious work has led to the release of a first album with 14 songs, called 'Brink Express' (released 11th of October, 2013).


The music genre of Local Speed Delivery can be described as alternative pop-rock, with influences from various styles like (hard) rock, pop and funk and occasionally even a touch of psychedelic and symphonic rock. In this regard, the band is inspired by artists like Snow Patrol, The Killers, Fleetwood Mac and The Strokes.


During the performances of Local Speed Delivery, enthusiasm, musicality and entertaining the audience are very important. A thing that stands out as well is the very good voice of the lead singer (like the Dutch rock artist Anouk). Together with the melodious background vocals of the two guitarists and the drummer, this is one of the characteristics of the band. Besides the well-thought-out and catchy lyrics – almost all band members have written several songs – the original chords and striking rhythms of the guitarists are notable.


Local Speed Delivery is available for great café performances, good parties and hot festivals.

Former band members

Daniël Borgonje - drums, 2006 - 2010

Contributed to a lot of songs on 'Brink Express'. Is a valued roadie.


Merel Wijnen - lead vocals, 2007 - 2009

Contributed (namely) to 'Hind Sight' and to some other songs on 'Brink Express'. Directed our first video clip.


Suzanne Meijer - guitar, 2008 - 2010

Always driven by enthousiasm.


Avalon Wijnen - (lead) vocals, 2008 - 2011

Showed us 'In the Meantime' how to perform.


Chris Helsloot - lead vocals, 2010 - 2011

Contributed a lot to 'On My Way'.


Raymond Wierbos - guitar, 2010 - 2011

Made 'To Occupy' swing.


Jelle Posthumus - guitar, 2011

Teached us how to handle the guitar.


Michiel Nijboer - guitar, 2012 - 2014

Contributed a lot to our first album 'Brink Express'. Has written the lyrics of 'Not A Million Years'.

We've been tripping on the LSD again. Cool tracks, pages and awesome songs and vocals. Thanks Local Speed Delivery!

AV Super Sunshine, Fond du Lac, United States


Very sharp music. Well played nice catchy leads. Great dynamics, smooth feel and flow. Outstanding vocals as well. You folks rock big time. Great song selection and all musicians are well seasoned players. Great Stuff.

John Kearns & 'The Buzz Band', Ottawa, Canada


Like your music, great vocal, great musicians! Very good style, Rock On!!!

Massmedia, Terville, France


It was quite an experience to listen to your tuneful, harmonious and fascinating songs. I'm enjoying a strong, pure, pleasant and beautiful vocal. Just amazing!

Keld Sand, Faxe Ladeplads, Denmark


I'm LOVIN’ your music. Absolutely stunning, sincere emotional poprock anthems with soothing and mellow instrumentals, soaring melodies with a fantastic, uplifting 'driving anthem', feel all delivered in Anne's beautiful, heartfelt ethereal smokey folk tinged vocals, filled with emotion, sincerity and effortless power, impressive range and also spot on harmonies from the guys! I also love the sense of longing, youthful romance, adventure and soul searching in your lyrics. Jamie Connolly, Birmingham, England


Excellent!! Great voice!

Stihia, Belgrade, Serbia


Fantastic! Love this music! ‘Eve Of The Night’ is AWESOME. Great mix of styles too. Very intelligent and full of power, melody and pure class. Great vocals, guitars. TOP CLASS.

Steve Inglis, Edinburgh, Scotland


Very cool tracks. Outstanding, clear and powerful vocal work and exceptional musicianship. Killer rhythm and smoking guitar. Loving your sound, style and lyrics. Great work here.

October Road, Kennebunk, United States


Kickass band here! Across the board badness! What a nice voice, excellent guitar playing! A pleasure to hear. Excellent music here! Enjoyed your songs. I'm a fan! Rock on!

Motherlode, Brick, United States

Reviews (1)

SO ROCK! Love your voice! Keep up the great work!!! YOCCO, Tokio & Fukushima, Japan


Great rock songs!

Love your sound, musicianship and vocals. Superb!

Fernando Garcin, Valencia , Spain


What an awesome sounding band.

Spectacular vocals and fantastic musicians.

It was a pleasure to listen to your music.

Sonny Boy Baker, Las Vegas, United States


What an awesome sound you guys have… Very tight musicianship and great performances. Enjoyed!! Hillbilly Dix, Brisbane, Australia


Very nice song and very nice voice! Awesome! Ulisses Daniel Miyazawa, São Paulo, Brazil


Sterling work chaps! ‘Eve Of The Night’ is cool! Excellent vocal performance on 'Not In A Million Years'. Super production too!

John Hulme, Hemel Hempstead, England 


Love everything about your songs. Vocals are outstanding. Musicianship is flawless.

Great experience listening. All my best.

Kevin Kerr, Tonawanda, United States


Soaking up this great music!.

Keep up the awesome work!

Mariah Jas, Bangalore, India


Fantastic songs. Fantastic videos and fantastic musicianship. All of you are incredibly talented!

Top shelf all the way! Love it.

The Ted Vaughn Blues Band, Salem, United States

Reviews (2)

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